Mar 052008

Being early March, university students throughout the southern hemisphere are returning to class. With the joys of uni come the joys of watching freshmen wander around campus with their heads buried in maps, trying to find their next class. Although this year there was something a little different. We saw someone walking around in what [continued...]

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Jan 022008

I don’t like ‘open plan’ offices. Open plan living areas, sure. Open homes, no problem. But I’m not convinced that open plan offices are a great idea. I understand that the intention is that they promote an open and collaborative working atmosphere, and all those other management-sounding new-age catch-phrases. But I don’t think they had [continued...]

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Dec 132007

It’s come to my attention that one goes through a veritable roller-coaster ride of emotions whilst flying internationally (okay, so some of them are just states of mind rather than emotions. But I’m using editorial license.) Tiredness: Getting up at 5 am local time is a real bummer. This  is usually about the time when you wish you’d just spent [continued...]

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Nov 052007

TV programming is not something I usually spend much time thinking about, or looking at. When things such as <insert country> Idol and Big Brother insist on coming back season after season it tends to hamper one’s enthusiasm for popular television. And don’t get me started on the xenophobic news shown on the major networks [continued...]

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Jul 312007

I have been a student for quite some time now, and have therefore been through the joys of enrolment and subject selection many times. Now my course is not exactly straight-forward in terms of course planning (it has a handbook that rivals War and Peace), and this has been further complicated by my transferring from [continued...]

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