Nov 132011

It’s no surprise to most of you that I like theatre: I worked on the technical side for two years in NZ, and 4 or 5 years in Australia. I never really got into it over here in the UK, but that’s mainly because there was so much else going on. Instead I started to [continued...]

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Nov 032011

A viking village is plagued by dragons; they always steal the sheep and burn the buildings. The city’s big boss has a son who’s pretty weedy and whom he pretty much disowns, but the son manages to capture the most dangerous of all the dragons, a “Night Fury”, unbeknown to his dad. He frees the [continued...]

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Jul 082011
Google Plus

Dear Google+, Firstly, welcome! I know things have been hard for you over the last few weeks (what with you having to close invites again and again), but keep sticking at it. Sure, you have some detractors, those who call you the Facebook for geeks and other such derogatory-sounding things, but stick to your guns; [continued...]

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Jun 172011

No, this post won’t be about X-factor the TV programme. If you think I would even watch that complete waste of ad revenue then, well then you should read on anyway, but just bear in mind that I don’t like it. Right, with that out of the way, on to the business of the day: [continued...]

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May 132011

I’m not exactly an avid (avian) bird-watcher, but I recently went out to Rutland Water with a mate to go and see the mating pair of osprey that they have out there. Apparently there used to be heaps of these birds around, but it’s proven difficult to re-introduce them into England and the UK. The [continued...]

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