Sep 222011

[Editor's note: I've not done a political rant on here for a while, but the recent Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN has got me all riled up. You have been warned. Also, as the Middle East is not my main area of expertise, I'm sorry if I get details wrong] So, Palestine is [continued...]

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Oct 302007

Well, we all know what I think about elections. So it may not come as a surprise that I am well and truly sick of the hype for the upcoming Australian Federal Election. I’m not going to sit here and rant about compulsory voting or anything like that. Nor do I intend to talk about [continued...]

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Sep 112006

Sorry for my recent absence from this medium. I have been inundated with various assignments, and RageBoy rehearsals/performances. Whilst walking home from one particular show last week, I was most upset to find it had started raining. On the short walk home I was most surprised to see a young lad holding an umbrella for [continued...]

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Aug 122006

I haven’t been reading the news all that much recently, but a recent email referenced something about a reluctance to fly on planes. So I started reading about these chilling yet ingenious attacks that were planned on trans-Atlantic flights from the UK to the US, reportedly aiming to detonate around 10 planes in the air, [continued...]

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