New Mechatronics PhD Positions!

Two new mechatronics PhD positions have been released on Loughborough University’s Research opportunities page. These are positions in the Control Systems Group, and will involve working with me on some really interesting new control engineering challenges. They are:

  1. Advanced control of bi-mode trains: This mechatronics PhD project will look at controlling the energy usage of bi-mode trains (trains that use both diesel and overhead electrical wires) in order to reduce their emissions. The intention is to investigate strategies similar to the equivalent consumption minimisation strategy for rail vehicles. It ties directly into the bi-mode decarbonisation research project I am currently running.
  2. Control of mechatronic pantographs: This project is led by Dr Chris Ward, the head of the Control Systems Group. You will investigate the design and control of a novel mechatronic pantograph system that will replace existing mechanical systems. This is a great opportunity to do a mechatronics PhD in a new research area!

If you want more information, please see the advertisements on the Loughborough website, or get in touch with me.

By Will

Senior Lecturer in mechatronics and control systems engineering at Loughborough University.