Nov 132011

It’s no surprise to most of you that I like theatre: I worked on the technical side for two years in NZ, and 4 or 5 years in Australia. I never really got into it over here in the UK, but that’s mainly because there was so much else going on. Instead I started to actually pay to go to the theatre (surprising, I know, but it is only £6).

I’ve been going to the theatre rather steadily for a while now (I think at last count my ticket stubs added up to around £200) and, as with most things, consider myself knowledgeable enough to make educated comments. So when the opportunity came up to go and see plays for free, and in return share my musings with the world, I jumped at it!

[Spoiler: If you want to see the review, you can go straight to it]

So, I signed up, got my free ticket to the play and went along. I even took a notebook with me so I would look like the real deal (I’d seen one of my friends do this previously). Not only that, but I even took notes, complete with pertinent quotes,  in the half-light reflected from the figures on stage (I’m sure there’s some poetry/deeper meaning there somewhere). I dutifully munched on my mango sorbet while musing about such lofty things as set construction, the soundtrack, stage direction and whether or not the spoon in the ice-cream is big enough. Then the second half, more jotting in the notebook and home to write the review!

Well, that was the idea anway.

Being an engineer it’s been a while since I had to write an essay on anything that wasn’t dry, dull, or purely technical. As such I had a little difficulty starting the review. Okay, so the first sentence took me about an hour. But there was too much other stuff on the internet clamouring for my attention! After that though, it was plain(er) sailing. About two paragraphs in though, I started to run out of verbs that mean ‘portrayed’. And then I started running over the word limit (it’s never been a problem before…). But, after much use of online thesauri and a bit of pruning I managed to get it down to something reasonable. Let me know what you think!


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