Jul 192011

[Editor's Note: This is the first of a new series of posts where I'll attempt to sum up the movies that I see in four sentences or less. Enjoy.]

A jury (in Chicago) tries to decide whether a young dude is guilty of killing his dad or not. In the first vote 11 out of 12 reckon the kid did it, one stubborn guy just wants to talk it over (it is the death penalty after all). He manages to swing it to 6-6. A little more psychological warfare later he swings it to 12-0 and the kid walks free, justice is served.


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  1. Love it. Has got me thinking – aninteresting exercise would be to create a four-sentence summary of life to-date!

    • Born in NZ. Studied in NZ, then Aussie, then England. Generally spent too much and saved too little. Likes beer.

      How’s that?

  2. A little understated. I counter:

    Born NZ – studied South Island, then West Island then the Motherland – teaching a significant number of engineers how to socialize in the process. Generally spent too much & saved too little thanks to a desire to travel the world in a series of amazing adventures. Grew-’fro,cut ‘fro,grew-’fro (cut ‘fro?). Likes beer, hangin’ with the fam & company who appreciates both these important life-elements.

    Don’t worry – composing my own right now :)

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