Jul 192011

A dude (Frankenstein) leaves home, becomes a prodigal student in all things science. He figures out the secret to life, and makes a monster of gargantuan proportions in the lab. He then freaks out and leaves the monster to fend for himself, leading the monster to be pretty peeved really. The monster then gradually destroys [continued...]

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Jul 192011

[Editor's Note: This is the first of a new series of posts where I'll attempt to sum up the movies that I see in four sentences or less. Enjoy.] A jury (in Chicago) tries to decide whether a young dude is guilty of killing his dad or not. In the first vote 11 out of [continued...]

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Jul 082011
Google Plus

Dear Google+, Firstly, welcome! I know things have been hard for you over the last few weeks (what with you having to close invites again and again), but keep sticking at it. Sure, you have some detractors, those who call you the Facebook for geeks and other such derogatory-sounding things, but stick to your guns; [continued...]

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