Jun 172011

No, this post won’t be about X-factor the TV programme. If you think I would even watch that complete waste of ad revenue then, well then you should read on anyway, but just bear in mind that I don’t like it.

Right, with that out of the way, on to the business of the day: covert romanticism. It seems to me that the onset of instantaneous communication has brought with it an unexpected side-effect, everyone getting overly romantic. I have no problem with lovers sharing

luv u babez


❤ u 4eva

after all, letters between lovers have been SWALK for several decades now. What people in love do on their own time is none of my business, and not my problem.

The thing I tend to get concerned about though, is the prolification of people signing off an email with an “x”. I don’t think. Many of these emails are of a reasonably informative nature, sent out by the graduates to let us all know what’s going on. If we interperet these x’s litterally, then the secretary is kissing all of the grads. Now I know this isn’t a pre-school playground where kissing is “yuck”, but still, pashing over 300 grads is a little wrong.

Of course if we just interperet it as a kiss on the cheek perhaps, or a sign of affection, then I suppose it’s more acceptable; I guess it becomes just like “sharing the love”. However, I do have several male friends who will sign off a text message

Sounds great! x

which still makes me frown…

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