Sep 092008

I was up on the ski slopes recently and I was reminded of how very different some things are when one is at the snow. Take for example the queue for the t-bar (this ski field didn’t have any chair lifts); in order to keep the line of people going up the mountain it is customary to avoid having people go up by themselves. I didn’t know this, however, and so when I was standing in line and a woman turned to me and asked, “Are you a single?” I almost fell over. Well, to tell the truth I did fall over, but I will still maintain that it was due to the icy conditions and not because of my surprise.

Anyway, once I learned that it was common practice I was asking, “Are you a single?” at any given opportunity. I did go up there with some friends, but I spent most of the time on either my back or my face, and as such they were reluctant to go up the t-bar with me. And once the crowd had seen me fall off the t-bar a couple of times they too were reluctant to go up the slope with me, despite calls of “Any singles?” from yours truly.

But I digress, the point I was trying to make was that if I were to stand behind someone in an ordinary-everyday line and ask “Are you (a) single?” I’m reasonably sure I would get slapped, or punched depending on the askee. There is of course the exception of O-week festivities at a university, where it’s generally assumed that everyone is single and so the question becomes irrelevant. But perhaps this warrants further investigation…

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  1. Ahaahahaa. Good post.

  2. two statements come to mind for some reason… those being:

    “is she hot?”
    “got her number?”

    Sounds like you may have been in Will Midgley heaven… perhaps you should have tried the trusty line once at the top with one of these “single” ladies and get them thinking about that woolly sheeps butt of yours by reminded them that “it feels like your wearing nothing at all”

    “Stupid sexy Flanders!” bahahaha

    ahhhhh the simpsons. them were the days

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