May 112008

It was almost 6 weeks ago that I was in Airlie Beach for a scuba-diving holiday, but I was recently reminiscing and so thought I’d write something about it. Plus it comes up on my map as another pointer.

Backpacker towns are reasonably similar the world over, I imagine. All sorts of shops and such tailored to the niche needs of the backpacker. I had never really been in one prior to this trip, and it was an interesting change of scene. The bars were always open and full of backpackers, and the lagoon (Airlie’s substitute for a beach, because of the jellyfish in the water) always bustling.

However, after being there for a week, this novelty started to wear off. For the first few days we were diving all day every day (and we got steak for lunch). But after the diving was done, and we had time to wander around and see what there was to see, we realised how little there was to see. A lot of this could be because I am not really a great holidayer.

I am a typical ‘Type A‘ personality: I am not all that great at relaxing, and even get bored if left to my own devices with nothing to do. So being in a town that has become centred on pandering directly to the short-term backpacker population left me at somewhat of a loss after being there for more than five days.

This then led me to wonder how the residents of Airlie liked this high-turnover, high-throughput lifestyle. Sure they’re living in an amazing climate that is temperate all year ’round, but how do they like having their town trashed on a weekly basis by drunken backpackers? I suppose they just learn to take advantage of it and clip the ticket while the backpackers travel through.

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  1. hey now, hey now… [don't dream it's over]

    no need to offer us old 1950 (ish? from my psych knowledge in high school and that rather large friend of mine who will be dr. waffles very soon) personality profiling theories… if you were really type A you would have a problem with that…

    your inability to holiday probably had something to do with your eagerness at boredom… and it’s easy to see why…

    i mean here in this very blog you offer great opinions often mistaken as “oh, that’s just will” but from reading these tales of medicor interest, you provide and insight into why you were bored with airlie

    holidays normally offer a large amount of freedom, and your a determinist… you’ll put yourself in situations to keep yourself busy, that way the outside world (every that’s not you) including people you know determine a lot of your reactions… this is true of most people, and of course you’ve noted here before, but never directly of yourself.
    you claim uniqueness over your life… i mean come on, not many people are like will… so being stuck in a tourist hot spot because of your determinism clearly challenged your ideals of “hey, i’m doing my own thing” (a point which awesomely leads down the “back in the day road” where we were kicked out of dinkums photocopy parlour cause you’ll “have a go”) and backpackers generally go to backpackers locations for backpacking activities… like scuba diving all day at a scuba diving location situated in the middle of the biggest natural area of ocean in the world for, yep that’s right, sucba diving. (with that said, i realise it’s hard to just go scuba diving anywhere, i mean i’m not going to disprove that point by getting all geared up and hitting the yarra off flinders street)
    oh and your a pessimist, no one else can change anything in their lives and are ultimately, trapped with their lot in lives. but you [others] can be happy with that.
    i mean i could go on for days about personality traits… there is a model with 5 major traits that define people, on of which is openness, which is if you like to see new things, even if they disagree with you… not many [if any] people hit a high score in that one if i remember correctly… and then there are type theories and many, many more… very interesting what you can learn by reading those books…

    …but after clicking that link from i was disappointed to see that within 3 or so clicks, you could have written some gold about yourself.

    oh, and you went to airlie beach, one of those few places that natural aussies go to do nothing and backpackers go to see the generalised version of the reef. probably why you tired so easily of the beaten track.

  2. WilL! I love the fact that you still cite your blog to wiki. awesomeness. i think it is interesting what you say about people who live in airlie, i:ve often wondered about this for backpacker towns and islands. and also border towns :(

    i think when you are grandpa Will with a walking cane and still a full head of hair, you will have many stories to tell the Will juniors.

  3. Since when was Albury-Wodonga in Japan? Of course I’m still citing to wiki, it is the source of all things great in the world. Sure their articles aren’t always totally correct, but they’re a start! Wait, don’t you come from a border town?

    You reckon I’ll have a walking cane? Actually, I reckon I could pull off a cane. They can look stylish if you do it right. I will have many stories to tell, and you will no doubt be ‘That crazy guy from the border town’.

    As for your comment Dave, well I took the time to do a quick personality test for those big five attributes you wrote about. Seems I’m actually quite high on the openness scale. Sure it’s no professional survey, but it’s an interesting indication nonetheless.

  4. Why would you reference openness scale and point it to nothing? no wonder you had trouble with all those pointers pointing to pointers pointing to something or other… maybe you need to have a quick chat to big Z about malloc()… i know the command it a bit tricky for those imb folk…

    …yeah as for the test, the little 10 question thingy on facebook doesn’t really hit the mark… oh, and openness is extremely subjective, normally the harder of those attributes to define through scalar tests… take it as a challenge will, become more open(ness)

  5. Oops, a little bit of nested html goes a long way to making links not work. All fixed. I do have an interesting story about malloc now you mention it, but I’ll have to leave that for next time. :-)

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