Nov 282007

Reasons that getting your wisdom teeth out is a cool way to start a vacation:  Ice Cream: Sure, you can’t chew or do anything fancy with your teeth, but you can still eat ice cream. And ice cream is good. Not to mention a great way to regain all those pounds lost over exam-stress. General [continued...]

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Nov 172007

We have been in our share-house for a while now, and recently we received a letter saying that we were due for an inspection by the Property Manager. So, in preparation we did a bit of a tidy-up. Well, the others did. I managed to clear enough space on my floor so that I could get to my desk. In [continued...]

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Nov 052007

TV programming is not something I usually spend much time thinking about, or looking at. When things such as <insert country> Idol and Big Brother insist on coming back season after season it tends to hamper one’s enthusiasm for popular television. And don’t get me started on the xenophobic news shown on the major networks [continued...]

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