Oct 302007

Well, we all know what I think about elections. So it may not come as a surprise that I am well and truly sick of the hype for the upcoming Australian Federal Election.

I’m not going to sit here and rant about compulsory voting or anything like that. Nor do I intend to talk about who is going to win (I’m pretty sure everyone knows that Howard can’t possibly win again). Instead I intend to talk briefly about ‘The Worm’.

Ever since it featured in the recent leaders’ debate and showed that Howard’s popularity was plummeting, its own popularity has seen a sharp increase. In a time when the people’s opinion is said to matter the most, it is not surprising that The Worm is winning this campaign. Who knows, it could even make a better PM than either candidate running in the election.

It is surprising however that in this age of free speech and freedom of opinion (in Australia at least) that The Worm should be censored. There was a large kerfuffle about the feed of the debate being cut to the current affairs program 60 Minutes. Should it have been done? Well, they were in direct contravention of a Government order (so far as I can tell), but shouldn’t the opinions of a select group of specifically chosen voters be shown off to the nation? Maybe the worm should decide?

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  1. well they are both little worms anyway, little worms that froth shit from the mouth… there is no lesser of two evils (and please don’t say anything about the greens and bob brown (cause, bob brown = unhappy clown) but the thing that annoyed me about the little worn was that whenever the screen changed to kev, the worm had an instantaneous jump from lil johns bout 0 to superstar… either the audience is stacked (which has been the case with anything channel 9, i mean watch the today show) or the worm really does lap up all that compost spewing from kev’s mouth

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