Sep 052007

It’s election time around campus at the moment. Yes, that’s right, the one time of year when you can’t walk more than 5 metres without being accosted by someone with a mind-numbly bright tee-shirt, and similarly interesting political spiels.

Like most people around campus, I aim to avoid these political candidates like the proverbial plague. For some reason I was born with very little patience for people with radical political ideals. I think it’s mainly to do with the irrational drivel they inevitably spout, especially around election time.

As I was enjoying a relaxing lunch on Monday, I spotted one of my friends coming toward me to say hi. Or at least that’s what I thought, and then I spied their luridly colourful tee-shirt. “Argh!” I thought, “A turncoat!”. But before this thought had run its course this friend was upon us.

And I must say, I was rather embarrassed. The people with whom I was lunching are a cheery bunch, and we rarely talk about politics. When we do it is with reservation and (well I’d like to think) a balanced perspective. As such I felt that it was rather at odds with our previous discussions to entertain this political sloganist. But then, on the other hand, this person was still a friend, and as such deserved a certain amount of respect, surely?

So I was in a predicament, tell them that I had voted already (a barefaced lie) and then tell them to move on – as I would to any other person pushing their political party – or sit and make polite conversation and pretend to be interested in their cause? Being the opinionated and loudmouthed person that I am, I took neither path and instead told my friend what I thought of politics, and how much the election mattered in the grand scheme of things. Not much.

I’m not sure I’ll be seeing that friend again any time soon

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  1. Don’t worry, when I run for Prime Minister I won’t make you talk politics… ;)

  2. doesn’t have anything to do with this, haven’t even read it, but i know you’ll appreciate this… CS marking at it’s absolute best… Steven Bird wrote:

    “This wasn’t applicable in project 1, but project 2 has a report component. This is to be submitted as a text file called report.txt. This must be an ASCII text file, formatted so it is easily readable in 80 columns. It must not be a Word document, PDF file, etc. It must be written in standard English, in a style appropriate to a short technical report. “Text message” or internet news group language, smiley faces, etc. is the electronic equivalent of writing your essays in a purple crayon with love hearts instead of dots over the ‘i’s and is not acceptable.”

  3. It’s a shame you really couldn’t pull the “me no speaka Engrish” routine we rehearsed in our lab. A shame indeed since it works so well for me ;).

  4. An early gig i had back in the 90s, see if you can spot me…

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