Sep 162007

Having been a university student (well, in name at least) for the last 5 years, I have been in my fair share of lectures. Now admittedly most of these have been engineering/science/maths based, but they are all I know. All these hours of sitting in lecture theatres have (ostensibly) taught me many things, but one [continued...]

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Sep 052007

It’s election time around campus at the moment. Yes, that’s right, the one time of year when you can’t walk more than 5 metres without being accosted by someone with a mind-numbly bright tee-shirt, and similarly interesting political spiels. Like most people around campus, I aim to avoid these political candidates like the proverbial plague. [continued...]

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Sep 012007

Have you ever noticed that university lecturers have a universal ‘style’? A style that transcends all normal definitions and trends, and has continued unfettered through the ages.Nominally this usually includes some mixture/arrangement of the following. (Note, this is mainly aimed at male academics. Being an engineering student I haven’t ever had a female lecturer…):

A tweed jacket (possibly worn at the elbows, and maybe with leather patches, it depends on the length of time in academia).
An open-necked shirt. This is usually in a plain colour such as blue, but if the lecturer is deliberately trying to be obtuse (or is going through a mid-life crisis) then obscene colours are open season

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