Jul 042007

As some of you know, I have recently joined the Facebook ‘revolution’. On the whole I’m somewhat sceptical about these online ‘social networking services’, but I have had a plethora of requests from friends around the world to join, so I figured I would give in. Thanks to the wonder of the internet I have managed to locate a huge number of people that I had uninentionally lost contact with.Whilst browsing through some of my friends’ friends, I have discovered that a huge number of my friends know a lot of very attractive people to whom I have never been introduced. As far as I can see there are a few explanations to this, some of them more palatable than others:

  1. My friends are obviously lying: They are obviously not friends with nearly that many people, much less that many attractive people. They’re simply lying so as to look cool to everyone else on Facebook. Just swelling their internet kudos, that’s all.
  2. My friends’ friends are obviously lying: It’s self-evident that my friends’ friends are misrepresenting themselves. Those photos in their profiles are clearly doctored, or photos of someone else. Isn’t it sad what the world has come to? People misrepresenting themselves on a social networking service. For shame!
  3. I’m too much of a liability to be introduced to these attractive friends: Now I think this is the least likely option, but thought it had better be here for completeness. I’m not that much of a liability, surely.

No matter which explanation you subscribe to, it’s clear that Facebook is a well-proven way to procrastinate, especially during exam period I’ve been told!

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  1. Oh, and my sister was in the 48 hour film festival in Christchurch recently, give it a squiz!

  2. Dude, it’s 3 :-)

  3. One question… Why wasnt the ever resourceful Will able to muster up some sort of poll type thing for his lovely page?

    The answer is clear… fear of the result :D

    My moneys also on door number 3

  4. No Pete, I just think that a poll-type-thing would ruin the lovely aesthetic this website has. Well, that and it seems that most of you who read my rants disagree with me more often than not!

    Am I really that much of a liability Hugo? That’s just mean!

  5. yeah buddy… big 3… and the poll would be funny (just quietly)

  6. Lol. I personally think it’s 2. As if people put bad photos of themselves on the interweb, especially as a profile pic. I have facebook friends whose pictures on there look nothing frikkin like them. I’m thinking about one in particular. I’m like you’re way uglier than that. Haha.

    But then again, your friends all seem to say 3… and lemmings are kind of cool.

  7. Congratulate your sister on that movie Will, it’s friggin awesome. I went and saw some of the heats and the finals (some of my friends made a movie for 48hrs), and Carboys and the Indian was by and far the best out of all of them, by a large margin! (Although I completely didn’t recognize your sister when watching it)

  8. Yeah, it is friggin’ awesome, too right Hugo! Pity they missed out on the national award!

    Thanks for the pseudo-support Dana, I’m not entirely sure what lemmings have to do with it…?

  9. Loved the movie too. Pity they can’t spell ‘Midgley’ in the credits though… !

  10. If only you knew the number of people that can’t spell our last name… maybe I should rent out willmidgely.com as well, just to cover bases..

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