Apr 202007

I recently visited a quality establishment in the depths of Ascot Vale for a Parma of gargantuan proportions. I think it was actually larger than my face, with chips and salads to boot!

I ate the whole thing, and almost killed myself in the process, but I was damned if I was going to be beaten by a parma, of all things. Admittedly I felt a little ill after consuming this huge volume of food, but nothing more than I’ve felt after some of the large meals I cook myself (yes mum, I’m looking after myself).

Anyway, fast forward to the alarm going off this morning. I woke up with that seedy taste in my mouth – like the whole thing was covered in grease – feeling dehydrated, and with the onset of a slight headache. In between falling out of bed and hitting the floor I had time to muse that this felt rather like a hangover (not that I’ve ever had one of course, I’m not into that whole binge drinking culture). But sitting at the breakfast table nursing a Berocca and some early-morning Weet-Bix I did reflect that perhaps overeating is very similar to overindulging in alcohol (from a purely hypothetical standpoint of course).

There’s the peer pressure to eat everything on the plate in a small time period. The under-abundance of water to re-hydrate with. The inability to walk straight afterward. The sinking feeling as you realise that you’ve done it again even though you told yourself you wouldn’t. And, most importantly, the hangover the next morning, when you tell yourself that you won’t do it again. Ever.

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  1. oh yes… the food hangover does exist, my friend. why do you think I have striken Mc Dick’s for the last four years? sugar does it to you too. trying to get off the white stuff is worse than getting off crack cocaine (the other white stuff)…. well, I assume so. I actually wouldn’t know from personal experience, but I am extrapolating.

  2. ps. one of the funnier blogs of late. I like that you’re starting to bring the comedy back.



  4. it had to be said

    the harden up part (cause you bitch like a girlie man)

    and the comedy thing (but maybe that’s a side effect of the weak will thing)

    the parma was brilliant though, oh and i have a virus apparently, i spent all of today relapsing my food

  5. I usually get the junkfood hangover Boxing Day morning… Mmm Christmas-food . . .

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