Feb 182007

Waiting unsuspectingly at a train platform in the city a couple of days ago, watching the people and trains go by, I was most surprised to see a train driver smoking on the train. It’s not as if this were at an outdoor station like North Melbourne, but it was in fact Melbourne Central station, which is at least a hundred metres underground! Imagine my dismay! Here was someone who is seen as a beacon of morality in a sprawling storm of wayward souls, blatantly breaking health and safety laws just to get a nicotine fix!

I’m sure that there were extenuating circumstances, no doubt due to the recent spate of cancellations/delays due to the defective Siemens trains, but that is still not good enough! They demand that passengers don’t smoke, consume alcohol, or even put their feet on seats whilst in their trains, yet one of their employees has the nerve to smoke while driving! And imagine the dire consequences if the driver had been distracted and dropped the cigarette! There is a large-enough scope for error already, without giving bad luck a head-start!

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  1. I don’t even really know what to say about this post… except download the 2010 Imperative webcast and send it to the man SMOKING on a TRAIN. He is the reason this world is going down in a big hurry. I’m never having kids. They wont be able to live in Boston, New York, Vancouver or Bangkok… or Melbourne.

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