Aug 202006

Hi Will, This is a friendly reminder.

Join me on WAYN so we can share our contact links, keep track of each others whereabouts and meet over 3 million people from all around the world!

Accept my invitation – join me on WAYN and see what I’ve been up to? Reject my invitation – you will not receive any more reminders from me.

Doesn’t it make you feel so special when you get a mass-produced invitation to join someone’s friend network?

Come join my network at hi5!

I now have over 459 friends in my network! You can meet all of them, plus more than 12 million other Hi5 members! Once you join, you will immediately be connected to all the people in my circle of friends.

Hi5 is an online service that lets you meet new people, view photos, browse profiles, and chat with your friends.

I’ll see you inside,

I’m so very flattered that I get to be one of your 459 friends, and have a chance of meeting over 12 million other people. But who the hell needs 12 million friends?

The invitations are the things that really get me. wayn1.gifYou can tell that someone has imported their MSN/Hotmail/Myspace address book, complete with people they haven’t seen since primary school. Are these people even around anymore? More importantly, do they really care? Most importantly, will they seek vengence for spamming them repeatedly? These questions should be asked before importing address books!

If – by some cruel twist of Fate – you are suitably bored, then comes the matter of trying to join. This isn’t the simple matter of an email address; your usual password that you always use for online sign-ups; and a reasonably undecipherable alias. They want to know the whole deal: name; address; date of birth; gender; email; and what you had for breakfast. Okay, so I may have made that last one up, but the point is there: it’s an exhausting ordeal just to join!

Do these sites actually fulfill their desired function? Actually, scrap that, what the heck is their function? I can use it to see where my friends are, woohoo. I can do that by sending them an email, if they don’t reply then they don’t want to talk to me. Simple as that. For me it just goes on the end of the list of things to do on the internet when I’m bored beyond the stage of watching Big Brother or Dancing with the Stars.

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  1. what ever happened to just speaking with friends face to face? there is no elabroate plot to rip as much info as possible before you can ask them how their day was…. or maybe…. hmmm, i now have a well developed application process needed to chat with me, as well as a password and a personalised characture. I’ll call it Davesapce.

    btw if people are extremely bored, and have exhausted big brother they could always give a burl…. ha

  2. but Will, I wanna be ur friend…please be my friend

  3. Where are you now?


  4. obviously he’s gonna be infront of a computer… der

  5. I agree, A real friend need not use a website to infrom you that you have become one of thier long lost pals, they should just call… if they don’t have you phone number or can’t be bothered finding it then they can go jump…

    as for me its back to working on this…

    jamesd (of the jungle)

  6. I thought it was that…

  7. The suspicious voice in my head tells me they sell off the email addresses or use the profiles for targeted advertising …

    But then again, has nobody ever wondered randomly about someone they knew a long long time ago…. ?

    -Fate’s target

    PS. I love Jill of the Jungle, could clock all the levels once upon a time… !

  8. lamma in a car, lamma, lamma, lamma, lamma, lamma, lamma, duck

  9. Shot Dave, meaningful and concise!

  10. Funny story… I just got one of those lovely ‘long lost’ emails today… from my cousin! I’m pretty sure that she knows where I am/what I am doing since I saw her last week and I can’t be bothered to respond to said generic email. they really piss me off and have every right to do so with you too.

  11. I must apologise for my inordinate spamming of links to this ‘forum’.

    For this I apologise… sorry

    jamesd (of the jungle)

  12. GeM, please this is far more serious than jill of the jungle… this is all about…. Here’s a llama, there’s a llama
And another little llama
Fuzzy llama, Funny llama
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    Llama llama, Cheesecake, Llama
Tablet, Brick, Potato, Llama
Llama llama
Mushroom, Llama
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    I was once a treehouse, I lived in a cake, But I never saw the way, The orange slayed the rake, I was only three years dead, But it told a tale, And now listen, little child, To the safety rail…

  13. Did you ever see a llama, Kiss a llama, On the llama
Llama’s llama, Tastes of llama
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    Half a llama, Twice the llama, not a llama
Llama in a car, Alarm a llama

    Is THIS how it’s told now? Is it all so old? Is it made of lemon juice?
Now my song is getting thin, I’ve run out of luck, Time for me to retire now
And become a duck

  14. Ok, so andrew ooi censors the lms message boards… what do you think of this then

    A little bit of background, we are doing root finding methods in computational mechanics.
    Needless to say this post was gone within an hour. Just thourght id share it with the world.

  15. I like the link macguyver, a bit nerdy but classic nonetheless! Pretty select audience though I’d guess!

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