May 252006

In between the slew of assignments I have been working through lately, I’ve had a little time to investigate the University of Melbourne Transition Program’s blog called First_year@UniMelb. Now I know it’s a rather uninspiring name, but I’ve found a couple of funny things on/about it.

Firstly, I really don’t know if the post is serving its intended purpose. I think the creator/visionary saw the blog as being a place where students could tell of their daily exploits, and show other/potential first years how great first year really is. D’oh! It seems the people they’ve chosen to do the blogging either break mirrors for fun, or are generally looked down on by lady luck. That, and they’re a pack of whingers. This isn’t the sort of depressing thing I’d like to be reading if I was a potential Melbourne University first year. It really seems that some of them need to grow up, and remember that they’re not in year 10 at a private school. For example, the title of this post comes from a most extensive and depressing essay about someone’s life. This person got blocked on MSN by a boy she liked, and by all reports this seems to be the worst thing that could ever happen. It gets more air-time than the fact she’s dropping out of uni. It’s a sad world.

Next, while talking to a couple of guys in one of the labs I take for computer science about some of these amusingly depressing posts, I hear someone complaining (loudly) about their crappy weekend. Then I put 2 and 2 together, and realise that I am privileged enough to have one of the first year posters in my class! After originally reading his post, it almost made me want to laugh. The theme of the jinxed and over-zealous male is one that is by no means new, and really gained nothing by its telling. I think it was the part where he waited outside the house of the girl he was hot for (read “stalking”) for a couple of hours. Because what else does one have to do with one’s weekend, than pursue a clearly stationary relationship by sitting on a step. Please! The high point was the reaction to the email. Sure being pseudo-dumped over email isn’t a new thing, but trying to wrest some self-respect from the train-wreck that was the weekend by saying that she is a “nice person underneath” was just too much.

Moving on from complaining about other blogs, my blog is now indexed by google search. This may seem like a relatively minor thing, but hey, one has to take the small victories in life.

I’m sure that I have far more to rant about, but it’s best for everyone if I stop now and go to finish my Heat Exchanger lab report, yay.

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  1. Slip inside the eye of your mind
    Dont you know you might find
    A better place to play

    Or not! I agree, they’re completely horrific… So funny that the university is promoting them so hard atm… I wouldn’t let anyone intent on making it here read them in a million years….

  2. You Googled those lyrics didn’t you.

  3. Excuse you. I’m a lover of nineties music and can sing it with the accent. And please ignore the yuck faute de grammaire above, blaming it on tiredness…

  4. Wow, that is quite the rant. I especially like the comment: “you seem to be dealing with it in a very mature way”. Indeed. (What is especially interesting is that I read his side of the story, and yet I feel sorry for *her* (“C”). I would hate to see how sad it would sound from here side…)

    Also it seems you got mentioned on the comments too Will, good work.

  5. Hah, funny thing is, that is exactly what I said, go me! :-D
    Shot Hugo

  6. OK that was “jez”, as for Lara, what the fuck? She pulled out of four exams because some guy blocked her in MSN?? Where the hell do they find these people??

  7. See, shoogo, maybe you could start a blog too. The material is there, all I do is present it in an unbiased and informative way *cough*.

  8. I’m going to be ashamed to admit that I just saw the humour in the post title then.

    F****ing first years filling up the ECR labs. >:\

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