Feb 212012

Dude is a social recluse that also happens to kick ass at programming. Starts a hedge fund using a ‘machine learning’ algorithm to determine which trades to make, basing it primarily on market volatility. The algorithm becomes sentient [how?] and tries to get rid of the dude because he’s interfering. Dude ends up looking insane.

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Nov 132011

It’s no surprise to most of you that I like theatre: I worked on the technical side for two years in NZ, and 4 or 5 years in Australia. I never really got into it over here in the UK, but that’s mainly because there was so much else going on. Instead I started to [continued...]

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Nov 032011

A viking village is plagued by dragons; they always steal the sheep and burn the buildings. The city’s big boss has a son who’s pretty weedy and whom he pretty much disowns, but the son manages to capture the most dangerous of all the dragons, a “Night Fury”, unbeknown to his dad. He frees the [continued...]

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Sep 222011

[Editor's note: I've not done a political rant on here for a while, but the recent Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN has got me all riled up. You have been warned. Also, as the Middle East is not my main area of expertise, I'm sorry if I get details wrong] So, Palestine is [continued...]

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Jul 192011

A dude (Frankenstein) leaves home, becomes a prodigal student in all things science. He figures out the secret to life, and makes a monster of gargantuan proportions in the lab. He then freaks out and leaves the monster to fend for himself, leading the monster to be pretty peeved really. The monster then gradually destroys [continued...]

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